Looking to the Future

I am featured in Piers Warren’s new book

– check it out

What does the future of wildlife film-making hold for us all?

WILDEYE have just announced the publication of the new book:  Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future 

As technology advances rapidly and viewers’ options increase, this book presents a fascinating exploration of the future of wildlife film-making. Its unique collection of views and advice make this book an invaluable resource for everyone who wishes to succeed as a wildlife film-maker in years to come. It contains articles from many leading figures in the industry and case studies of numerous skilled practitioners. It is edited by Piers Warren (Wildeye Principal), with a foreword by Neil Nightingale (BBC NHU).

•  Case studies include: Steve Backshall, Nick Baker, Gavin Thurston, Casey Anderson, Patrick Rouxel, Phil Streather, Carl Hall, Joe Yaggi, Rita Banerji, Steve Greenwood, Mike Linley, Caroline Brett, Alan Miller, Adrian Cale, Sandesh Kadur and many more. Each case study includes unique tips and  invaluable advice; for example read Phil Streather’s Top Ten Tips for Natural History 3D.

•  Essays on Views from the Industry from leading figures are provided by Alastair Fothergill (BBC/GreatApe Productions), Chris Palmer (Center for Environmental Filmmaking), Janet Rose (IWFF), Sophie Vartan (NHU Africa), Neil Harraway (NHNZ), Emma Rigny (National Geographic Television), Richard Brock (Living Planet Productions), Xi Zhinong (Wild Film China), Shin-ichi Murata (NHK) and many more

Extract from the foreword by Neil Nightingale, Creative Director, BBC Earth:

“If you’re considering working in any kind of wildlife media this book is a brilliant guide to help navigate and understand the confusion of choice and opportunity. But it’s much more than that. It provides an engaging account of the whole industry in its many forms. Even those who’ve spent a lifetime working in this business will discover aspects of it they were barely aware of. I certainly did.”

Wildlife Film-making: Looking to the Future

ISBN 978-1-905843-02-2 (paperback)

also available as an eBook and Kindle edition

(Further information and ordering from: http://www.wildeye.co.uk/wildlifefilm-making/)


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